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About Raf

Artistic Vision

Raf, as Rafael Davin is affectionately known in the art community, is a gifted contemporary artist who is primarily dedicated to creating acrylic paintings.

Raf composes artwork interpreting a wide variety of traditional and avant-garde themes, often venturing into diverse types of media and techniques.  Raf if particularly attracted to contrasting meaningful abstract interactions of shapes and colors.

Early schooling in drawing and painting provided Raf with valuable lessons in basic art fundamentals, but his greatest emergent skills and knowledge were acquired by personally learning from talented, skilled, and highly experienced painters throughout the Caribbean, Central and South America.

Prior to launching his professional art career, Raf spent many years in developing his abilities by studying a myriad of sketches, drawings, paintings and photographs, to ascertain that his future renderings would portray a representation of the artist’s visionary conceptualizations.


Raf’s accomplishments continues to impress fine art connoisseurs and earn accolades from art enthusiasts.  His zealous commitment to excellence in artistic expression defines his innate abilities and contributions to the art world.  Attaining a definitive style is not his main objective.  Enjoying and immersing himself in an overall art experience is his most precious undertaking.

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