"Rocky Shoreline" by Raf 2015 Original Acrylic 29 1/2" X 24"
"Rooster's Pride" by Raf 2016 Original Acrylic 18 1/2" X 22"
"Stormy Sea" by Raf 2016 Original Acrylic 23" X 16"
"Beachfront Vista" by Raf 2015, Original Acrylic on Canvas 18" X 10"
"Sunset at the Beach" by Raf 2013 Original Acrylic on Canvas 29" X 23"
"Fiery Clouds Over Sunshine" by Raf 2014 Original Acrylic 30" X 24"
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If anyone wishes to officially validate the authenticity of a painting that was produced by Raf (Rafael Davin), please contact us directly for a quote about our Authentication Certificate service.

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